The synergic action of the two Business Units,
Varallo Management and Varallo Construction,
ensures the high quality of the finished product and of the activities to obtain the expected result.

The provided services reflect the quality and skills of the Team.

The Services

The Varallo Management Business Unit manages the real estate investment process in a full-range and end-to-end manner, starting from hunting for and selecting the best opportunities in the market for the construction of modern and efficient residential, commercial and business buildings. The best opportunities are hunted for mainly in the metropolitan city of Milan, in strategic and well-connected areas, with a preference for urbanized areas in order to contribute to the renewal of existing buildings pursuing higher sustainability.

Varallo Management manages the appropriate preliminary activities to verify the project feasibility, such as the coordination of technical and town-planning due diligence, the preparation of market and demand surveys in the target area, relying on dedicated and highly-specialized professionals with expertise both in the Business Plan implementation and in the search for financial partners to structure the transaction with.

Thanks to a skilled multidisciplinary expert team, Varallo Management coordinates all the aspects of the project development: oversight of the preliminary, final and executive design, talks and management of the relationships with the competent authorities in order to obtain the required permits and authorizations, budget control at all stages of the project, construction monitoring, management of the relationships with prospective buyers all the way up to handing over the final product to the tenants, end users or buyers.

Varallo Management also performs due diligence, specialist consulting services and project management for prominent families of Milan.

Varallo Re Management also provides advisory and specialist consulting services to individuals.

The Services

The Varallo Construction operational Business Unit can manage the transformation extension and construction of mostly residential complexes managing selected subcontractors, organizing and monitoring the work stages, compliance with specifications and adopted methods, contract specifications and project budgets.

Furthermore, in thoroughly performing the projects, Varallo Construction closely monitors cash flows, ensures that the client  is released from all liability for any noncompliance with construction-related obligations, manages after-sale activities and sees to full compliance  with all applicable legislation on occupational safety.

In its corporate policy Varallo Construction defines a transparent approach based not only on the quantity/quality/price relationship, but also on quality consistency, readiness for sharing projects, on its ability to solve problems during the works and on assessing compliance with social security and payment obligations lying with subcontractors.

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