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The Varallo RE Group was founded in 2006 thanks to the intuition and curiosity for the real estate sector of Michele Deluca, a lawyer from Milan whose family came from Varallo Sesia, where the first real estate project was developed and after which the Group was later on named.
An unparalleled player in the industry, the Varallo RE Group can manage the real estate process in a full range manner, from its legal and financial aspects to the technical and construction ones.

A specialist in real estate transactions, in the high-end residential scope, it has been working with international Investment Funds since 2017 and with SGRs (asset management companies) since 2019.
Thanks to the financial, legal, technical and marketing background, to the expertise and across-the-board skills of the Company and of its Team, the Varallo RE Group provides its clients with high quality services for market scouting, structuring agreements, project management and sales, achieving the highest standards in the real estate sector.

Urban regeneration of disused areas, high-added-value building transformation and promotion of sustainable urban growth: this is the Group’s core business, which is currently conducted by over 40 professionals ensuring that the entire real estate development process is effectively addressed through the Varallo Management and Varallo Construction specialist Business Units.

Thanks to its organization comprising two specialist Business Units and to its Team’s specialist skills, the Varallo RE Group always proves able to keep its commitments over time: on the one hand, to investors, in terms of return on invested capital, and, on the other hand, to its end clients, providing them with products that maintain their architectural and construction features for years and ensure high quality of life.

Varallo Management is a Project Management company working with international Investment Funds.

Thanks to the expertise and experience gained, it can address all the parts of the real estate investment process: from selecting opportunities to due diligence, to conducting feasibility studies and preparing the project business plans to the deal closing and financing to designing and managing the project as a whole.

The Group implements an oversight system ensuring that the set objectives are achieved, along with effective budget control, and is thus able to provide a high-end product and to focus its commitment on the achievement of the highest standards in the real estate sector.

Advisory services to individuals: over €100 million in value

Varallo Construction is the Group’s operational Business Unit that manages the construction, transformation and extension of housing estates.
Thanks to the considerable experience it has gained over time, it manages all the steps for the assessment, organization and control of construction activities with its own organizational resources. It manages, monitors and oversees the execution of the subcontracted works and the provision of after-sale management services.

Varallo Construction is staffed with a strong team of Project Managers who have multidisciplinary educationbackgrounds and experience, works in close cooperation with professionals in different sectors and scopes, very experienced subcontractors, big construction firms based in Milan and in its province, process managers who are responsible for control activities, including outsourced ones.

Consistently with the Group’s corporate policies, Varallo Construction has recently achieved the all-important UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification applying to the contracting out of works for the construction and renovation of properties, the provision of coordination, management, monitoring and oversight of contracted/subcontracted works, including the management of after-sale activities.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification, which is based on seven quality management principles, is an official acknowledgement of the Varallo RE Group’s ability to optimize its operations implementing efficient and high-quality management, along with appropriate structures and skills.

Value of contracted works: over €55 million

ISO-9001 IT

ISO-9001 EN


Value of contracted works: over € 80 million

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