GLA: 11.000 m2

Number of apartments: 77 units



giardino reale

Located in an area having high historical and landscape value for the city, the “Giardino Reale” residential complex aims at creating a pleasant and comfortable setting, where architectural beauty goes hand in hand with a landscape full of trees and bushes that change in accordance with the season and the position of the sun in the sky


GLA: 9500 m2

Number of apartments: 63 units

Number of parking spaces: 28

Number of cellars: 63

Services on site: SPA, Gym, Swimming pool (4mx13m) and Reception

The project area, where, at the end of the 19th century, the first headquarters of felt manufacturer Feltrificio Scotti stood, is a strategic piece of the ecological, urban and construction transformation and restoration in the municipality of Monza. The project was developed with the intention of fully exploiting its potential through the use of technological solutions aimed at maximizing energy sustainability.

The architectural proposal comprises the construction of a residential facility with an open courtyard developing towards the iconic volume of the chimney of the old Feltrificio Scotti. The project integration with the park will be empathized by the shapes creating a landscape modelled by the organic geometries of the terraces, which, resembling the colours and texture of the old chimney, will frame the green heart of the new courtyard.

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