GLA: approx. 16.000 m2

Number of apartments: approx. 200




The project area is in north-west part of the city, on the border between the municipality of Milan and that of Baranzate, near several road and railway

GLA: approx. 16.000 m2

Number of apartments: approx. 200

Number of garages: approx. 165 + 77 parking spaces

Number of cellars: approx. 200

Services on site: Doorman service, gym, SPA.

The project comprises the construction of two buildings, building “2” having 6 floors
and building “1” (the tower) having 22 floors, whose volumes have been calibrated both
in order to reach a balance with both the neighbouring buildings and to
creating a land-mark in terms of relationship with the wider urban and
metropolitan scale featuring the strong presence of the infrastructure network.

The building feature a semi-open layout, where the indoor and outdoor space is
immediately recognizable and highly structured defining the backbone of
a sequence of spaces intended for alternatively more public and semi-private or private use.

A new space for daily life, where residents can dwell, meet others and share. A
sustainable environment, connected to the city, which provides top-quality
services intended for forward-looking residential dwelling.

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