GLA: 7022.54 m2

Number of apartments: 35




The real estate project area is located between Via Ghislandi and Via Calepio, in the north-central part of the city of Bergamo and has excellent connection to the city’s main road network.


Address: Via Vittore Ghislandi 10

GLA: 7022.54 m2

Number of apartments: 29

N. of commercial units: 6

Number of garages: 36 one-car garages + 10 two-car garages


Number of cellars: 30

Services on site: SPA with swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, gym, square, public car park.

The project comprises the construction of a mainly residential real estate complex, which will include but few commercial units, to be classified as “villas in the city” ensuring high wellbeing, comfort and healthy conditions. The properties, which will be built in accordance with the highest seismic standards and codes, will rank in energy efficiency rating grade A and will have systems up to state-of-the-art technical-engineering qualities.
Besides the residential units, which will feature large terraces or wide balconies, a pedestrian path will be constructed between Via Ghislandi and Via Calepio, along with a public car park.

After entering from the two public roads, the complex will have its square, featuring a fountain and gardens with plants and porticoes and being an exclusive and reserved courtyard, where the commercial units will be, which may also be coffee shops or other high-end catering businesses.

Besides the horizontal green area with plants, the “green” part and its beneficial properties will be enhanced boosting the oxygenation of the complex with large “vertical green walls”.
Large solarium floors with covered rooms having big windows letting natural light in and overlooking the city with a view of the Città Alta city walls and of the Bergamo hills.

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